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Iconic street photographer Nabile Quenum passed away during the Christmas holidays from what is reported to be carbon monoxide poisoning at the tragically young age of 32. He was one of those photographers who leapt out from behind the camera with a distinct style all his own and an infectious joy de vivre. He was[…]
Who is Daniel Wellington? Is he even a real person? We all know it’s the name of one of the biggest watch brands among young people. With 3.9 million followers and counting on Instagram, some posts even featuring Kendall Jenner, the minimalist watches inspired by classic design of Daniel Wellington are hard to miss on[…]
The Infamous Red Swimsuit Unless you spent the summer of 2017 living in a cave you probably saw this red swimsuit on your social feed. What was supposed to be just a small promotion for a young apparel company run by two frat brothers went viral. It was a simple offer, everyone who reposts and[…]
There are only days left in 2017. You never know what surprises are in store but 2017 was a very interesting year for fashion. The industry was always fast paced but things are just absolutely out of control. Major fashion houses are in a constant state of flux with big name designers coming and going.[…]
Boho is one of those fashion terms that people hear all the time and feel like they know what the meaning is but not quite sure. It’s that same feeling of knowing when you but can’t really explain it. So what is boho? What does it mean? Bohemian + Homeless = BoHo? According to folklore,[…]