RIP Nabile Quenum

Iconic street photographer Nabile Quenum passed away during the Christmas holidays from what is reported to be carbon monoxide poisoning at the tragically young age of 32. He was one of those photographers who leapt out from behind the camera with a distinct style all his own and an infectious joy de vivre.

He was born in Paris, France but moved back to the Ivory Coast in West Africa. He eventually moved back to Paris at the age of 17 where he remained and embarked on an amazing career in photography starting with street photography.

J’ai Perdu Ma Veste – A Street Style Journal

His blog. You’ll find some amazing photographs filled with color and life. Photo subjects range from a global roster of fashionable people shot around the world and some celebrities mixed in.

Street Style Photographers Mourn the Loss of Their Colleague and Friend, Nabile Quenum

Street Style Photographer Nabile Quenum Has Died

Who is Daniel Wellington?

Who is Daniel Wellington? Is he even a real person? We all know it’s the name of one of the biggest watch brands among young people. With 3.9 million followers and counting on Instagram, some posts even featuring Kendall Jenner, the minimalist watches inspired by classic design of Daniel Wellington are hard to miss on social media.

While the name Daniel Wellington is immediately recognizable as a British name, the company is Swedish and founded by countryman Filip Tysander. So where did the name come from?

According to the company founder Daniel Wellington is a chance acquaintance he made on a trip.

On this trip, our founder Filip Tysander met an intriguing British gentleman with impeccable yet unpretentious style. The man had a particular fondness for wearing his vintage watches on old, weathered NATO straps. His name? Daniel Wellington.

Our Story

Filip Tysander
Filip Tysander, founder of Daniel Wellington

The company generated $250 million in sales despite being founded as recently as 2011.

Filip started the company with only $24,000.

I started a little webshop and designed the logotype myself in Photoshop. Then I sent designs back and forth to a factory in China manufacturing the Nato watch bands.

source: Business Insider

For all we know, Daniel Wellington may not even exist. So far nobody’s turned up to claim the name. In an interview, Filip is noted as saying:

A part of me wishes to contact Daniel Wellington and explain what’s happened, but at the same time I want to letting the sleeping bear lie. If the source of my inspiration should turn up at the office one day I guess I should have to hide underneath my desk.

source: Business Insider

The watches are priced in the $129-199 range which isn’t pricey nor cheap. It’s probably just right for a young professional who wants to sport a fashionable brand without breaking the bank. They are mostly known for bringing back tricolor fabric straps known as NATO straps. The brilliance of the watch is in the branding, classic design with a British flair to the brand name while costs are kept low by sourcing from China.

Watches Designed in Sweden, Made in China with a British Name

With watches named Cornwall, Bristol, York, Sheffield, Durham, Canterbury, or Cambridge, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Daniel Wellington must be a quintessentially British gentleman who takes great pride in his heritage.

The shocking news is that Daniel Wellington is neither the founder or even an employee of the watch company. According to the founder and CEO of Daniel Wellington, Filip Tysander, Wellington is simply the name of a British gentleman he met while traveling through Australia who wore a vintage watch with a NATO strap.

He was so inspired by the style of vintage watches attached to a NATO strap that Filip Tysander was not only inspired to create his own brand of watches in the same style but name the brand after his random acquaintance. Fortunately or unfortunately the British namesake has yet to appear in media despite inadvertently becoming a household name.

While the watches do sport a classic look, they are designed in Sweden (the CEO’s home country) but made in China using Japanese quartz technology. Apparently they are also growing as a brand in China (the country of manufacture).

The watches boast a healthy profit margin making Filip Tysander one of the richest bachelors in Sweden with arguably the priciest apartment.

It just goes to show how brands can be created out of thin air with a great design and savvy social media marketing.

Interesting Reading

How Did Daniel Wellington Get So Popular And Why I Will Never Buy One

This article is an interesting breakdown of the Daniel Wellington watch by a watch geek. The title might come off as negative but the analysis is fair and quite informative if you’re not a watch geek.

What Happened to Sunny Co Clothing’s Infamous Red Swimsuit that Went Too Viral?

The Infamous Red Swimsuit

Unless you spent the summer of 2017 living in a cave you probably saw this red swimsuit on your social feed. What was supposed to be just a small promotion for a young apparel company run by two frat brothers went viral. It was a simple offer, everyone who reposts and tags the post would get a “FREE” Pamela Sunny suit (no doubt inspired by Pamela Anderson of Baywatch fame). The picture itself was liked over 340,000 times! At the time Sunny Co Clothing only had 7.35K followers on Instagram which quickly shot up to 775.95K practically overnight. According to a video on their Facebook page the post was shared 1.6 million times

They were covered by major media outlets with a mix of outrage and sarcastic humor. It spawned countless memes which only increased the notoriety of the swimsuit.

Soon people were wondering “Can they deliver?”

The rise and gradual fall of Sunny Co Clothing’s Instagram followers

What Happens Now?

These organic viral posts are every marketers dream but can also catch the unprepared off guard. Some companies even fold under sudden demand. The question on everyone’s mind was “how are they going to deliver?”

Many customers were charged full price after failing to enter the discount promo code. According to a press release they ended up refunding nearly $73,000. They also scaled the deal back in another Instagram post to the first 50,000 customers.

Here’s where it gets interesting. While the swimsuit they could get for “free” was listed at $80 they charged $12 for shipping according to some sources. Currently the swimsuit sells for $64.99 and US domestic shipping is free for orders over $60 ($8.98 otherwise) as of January 10, 2018.

The Aftermath

The two entrepreneurs managed to deliver on their promise despite the rocky start. According to their about page updated on December 29, 2017, they have managed to fulfill 57,000 orders since then. Considering their swimsuits are in the $64.99-$99.99 range that could represent $3,704,430-$5,699,430 in gross sales alone. Of course that’s only if you don’t subtract they 50,000 customers who only paid shipping. They would still collect $600,000 in shipping charges alone which probably represents a nice return considering all the publicity they got. So that would put the gross sales in the range of $454,930-$699,930 plus the $600,000 they collected in shipping.

They are no doubt quite successful, especially for a first year startup. They even managed to donate $50,000 to the Alzheimer’s Foundation in October.

Their Instagram following declined to 430K and is steadily dropping according to SocialBlade.

While sudden and unexpected success is always a nice thing and they are no doubt still riding the wave of the accidentally viral promotion they are having trouble hanging onto the followers on Instagram. Although this is somewhat unavoidable due to the random nature of the viral exposure, it’s still a potentially worrying trend.

Also since the majority of their lineup currently consists of swimsuits in a very limited selection at a somewhat high price point it remains to be seen how they will be able to successfully distinguish themselves like some of the bigger players in a very competitive market. And of course that doesn’t even touch on the lean months of autumn and winter for seasonal products like swimsuits.

Still you have to give these entrepreneurs credit for somehow managing to ride out a sudden storm and still manage to succeed. It’ll be interesting to see how they grow in 2018!

This Year in Fashion 2017

There are only days left in 2017. You never know what surprises are in store but 2017 was a very interesting year for fashion. The industry was always fast paced but things are just absolutely out of control. Major fashion houses are in a constant state of flux with big name designers coming and going. Also old media brands are closing almost daily as new media continues to chip away with their savvy social media skills.

The backlash against sexual predators and harassers is a welcome change on the back of the #metoo movement. Fashion in 2018 will definitely be an interesting year as more celebrities leverage their personal brand into their own businesses and new fashion startups come onto the scene. It’s going to be a very exciting year for everyone!



fashion 2017 in review



What is boho style fashion?

Boho is one of those fashion terms that people hear all the time and feel like they know what the meaning is but not quite sure. It’s that same feeling of knowing when you but can’t really explain it.

So what is boho? What does it mean?

Bohemian + Homeless = BoHo?

According to folklore, boho is an abbreviation of “bohemian” and “homeless”. Bohemian originally meant “someone from Bohemia” which is how the current Czech Republic used to be referred to. The Kingdom of Bohemia is no more but the word lives on. Bohemians also referred to gypsies, as many Europeans believed that they originated from that part of Europe. Eventually the term bohemian got romanticized to mean someone unconventional, a free spirit, with some artistic inclination thrown in.

In modern usage, boho is basically a more updated “hippie” look popularized by celebrity British fashion icons of the mid 2000s, mainly Kate Moss and Sienna Miller. This style is mostly referred to as boho chic but got shortened to boho again.

The boho style is not clearly defined by any specific article of clothing and can be styled from any combination of clothes. The most popular incarnation you might see are young women at music festivals such as Coachella, obviously taking inspiration from the original Woodstock Festival of 1969, minus the free love and drugs or not.

boho pair

Even though the boho trend peaked in the mid 2000s it’s a fashion style that is still going strong. Most people mix and match various boho elements with casual trends. Since boho is more of a summer look, the trend usually comes back in some form. You will likely see a lot of boho inspired cuts in basic, minimalist patterns or people accessorizing in boho while keeping their wardrobe current. The boho style is extremely flexible and perfect for a lot of summer activities. Most boho outfits work well with swimsuits and that makes it great for outings to the beach or music festivals. It’s also great for travel wear since you can wear flowing dresses and tops for more conservative countries and many of the popular designs are inspired by traditional native wear from around the world. This makes it perfect for combining your boho wardrobe with clothes and accessories you pick up along the way.